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Custom Luxury Home Builders

Custom Home Builders Wantirna

You don’t just want to settle for the ordinary when you build your next home. If you’re ready to choose something remarkable, partner with our custom home builders in Wantirna.

Make an investment in your future, your family, your comfort, and the lifestyle you want to live. When you build your next home, don’t just settle for safe, generic, and unremarkable. Instead, choose to make a statement with our custom home builders in Wantirna.

Welcome to Aspire Designer Homes, where our Design and Construct Service puts you in complete control of the home building process. Driven by your desires, your aspirations, and your personal sense of luxury, our high-end home builders will take your new property beyond a pre-designed floorplan.


Instead, we blend your new home dreams with your block of land and your surroundings. Drawing on a combined industry experience spanning over 100 years, our custom design and construction company can also integrate the local and international design trends that you love.

From the biggest ideas to the smallest details, our custom home builders in Wantirna will synthesise it all to conceive and create your dream home. To get started with a no-obligation consultation, talk to our team today.

Custom Luxury Home Builders
Custom Luxury Home Builders

Experienced sloping block builders in Wantirna

Bristling with schools and parks, cafes and walking tracks, Wantirna is a lovely location to call home.

Working together as a company for more than 36 years, our luxury home builders in Wantirna will make your home stand apart, completing the lifestyle you want to live. Specialising in complex and sloping blocks, we can transform an incline into an incredible view; turn complicated dimensions into architectural excellence.

With the Aspire Designer Homes process, we will ensure your home building journey is engaging, affordable, and seamless. Our luxury home builders in Wantirna will:

  • Engage you in an obligation-free consultation to understand your needs
  • Provide expert site assessment services to optimise your design to your land
  • Plan and design your dream home alongside you
  • Draw up a fixed-price contract with all the inclusions you’re looking for
  • Fulfil the Aspire Designer Homes Promise with unmatched construction and project management

Your Expert Sloping Block Builders in Wantirna

The home of your dreams CAN be built on your current block of land. As specialist sloping block builders in Wantirna, Aspire Designer Homes is here to ensure you that you don’t need to compromise on your vision. Our specialist design and construction team will work closely with you to maximise every opportunity that your block of land presents, ensuring that your vision for a new home doesn’t need to disappear just because you have a sloping block! 

From split levels to other architectural innovations, our team knows how to transform the obstacles that a sloping block presents into genuine highlights of your home design. Most importantly, when you partner with our designers and sloping block builders in Wantirna, you will remain in complete control of the process and you won’t have to sacrifice your dream. 

Building on a sloping, narrow, complex, difficult, or unconventional block of land? We invite you to dream bigger. 

Make your next home the home of your dreams. Contact Aspire Designer Homes now for a consultation. 

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What sets Aspire Designer Homes apart from other builders is our years of experience and our ability to provide innovative solutions for a difficult building environment.

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