How To Build On A Sloping Block

Building a house on a sloping block is no mean feat, as it requires extra time, effort and money to get the optimal outcome. But with the right design, building a house on a slope can be one of the most rewarding home-building experiences.

Things to take into account

When it comes to designing your dream home on a sloping block, there are a few factors you need to consider. Firstly, the slope of the land needs to be assessed; this will determine the best orientation for your new home siting and how much earthworks you’ll need to create a level build site.  If you’re building on a steep slope, more earthworks may be required however your council’s town planning regulations may also restrict what earthworks are permitted. You’ll also want to factor in any existing trees or vegetation that may affect your build. 

Working with the terrain

Once you understand how best to approach the build, the next step is maximising space and using natural features of the slope for architectural appeal—such as including split-level designs or creating interesting angles or ceilings in living areas by capitalising on natural rises and dips in terrain. The possibilities here are endless. 

Construction considerations

Next comes construction methods specific to building on slopes that are both cost-effective and structurally sound. Stump foundations are often used on steeper blocks because it offers more flexibility around the variation of levels of the terrain. Other considerations include foundation depth requirements, retaining walls, and local building laws. Construction considerations are an especially important reason why it’s key to consult with experts in building on sloped land. 

Design concerns

Finally, while you may think building your home on a steep or sloping block comes with a potential  issues— clever and practical designs that have the building environment at the forefront can minimise these risks and construction costs. That said, knowledge is power when it comes to navigating potential issues—remember that speaking with an experienced builder with a design and construction background could save thousands later on down the track. 

Speak with the sloping block experts

At Aspire Designer Homes we understand just how daunting this process can seem—so don’t worry! We’re Melbourne’s sloping block building experts.  If you’d like more tailored advice about building a house on a sloping block in Melbourne, get in touch with our friendly team to set up a no-obligation discovery session and custom build discussion. 

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