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Custom House Design Melbourne
Custom House Design Melbourne

Custom Design and Construction: Is the heart of Aspire Designer Homes.

Aspire Designer Homes stands as the epitome of custom design and construction across Melbourne and beyond.

Don’t be deterred by the word Custom Builder. Often working with a company who understands different site conditions such as a sloping block with lots of fall could be your answer. You may have a restricted building envelope or have problems finding a builder who understands and will work with traffic management on a busy road or school zone. Or you’re confused by what you can or can’t do with Council planning zones and schedules and need support to design your home that will cut through the red tape. A custom design home may be more affordable than you expect; but more importantly, will bring the best design and construction solution to the table.

Our experienced team is committed to working with you to design a home that not only reflects your individual needs but will also address these important considerations in the very early stage of planning your new home. That’s Aspire Designer Homes point of difference to many other builders.

Our 3 Simple Steps
Our 3 Simple Steps

Let us guide you through our streamlined custom design and build process.

A lot of considerations and council regulations may apply to the land you wish to purchase.

This information needs to be reviewed and understood before you can start building your new home. Our professional team has the knowledge to work through those requirements and simplify the steps that are needed to prepare you for building your new home. We explain and break down the “language” that can quickly become overwhelming and confusing to make sure that what may seem like obstacles to you, have been factored into your design and planning from the early stages.

One we have identified what is required, Aspire’s 3 step process ensures a smooth start to your building journey:

Step 01

Step 01

Arrange a time to meet with one of our Project Specialists to discuss your initial ideas, budget for your project and site.

Step 02

Step 02

Your Project Manager will prepare a Custom Design Concept based on the outcome of your initial meeting and discussions ready to fine tune the estimated cost of your project.

Step 03

Step 03

Once you are ready to move forward with the Design Concept and Tender, your journey towards building your new home will formally begin!

Why Choose Us

What sets Aspire Designer Homes apart from other builders is our years of experience and our ability to provide innovative solutions for a difficult building environment.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

We’re passionate about turning your vision into custom masterpieces.

Do we pay more for a custom designed home?

At Aspire Designer Homes we believe that there is no necessity to apply a greater margin to a building project just because of its individuality. At Aspire, we apply the same building rates that work successfully well for our award winning production homes. This policy ensures our valued customers receive absolute value for money.

Are the hidden costs with a custom builder?

We believe that honesty and transparency translates into our clients being comfortable, well informed and confident in their understanding of the whole building process, including price. Our team of experts at Aspire Designer Homes go to great lengths to be open with all communication and are more than happy to explain any queries that you may have. This attitude builds a solid platform to build our relationship on.

What separates a custom builder from the volume builders?

Well its pretty simple! It’s all about experience and expertise!! Our Building Licence dates back to more than 40 years. Our projects Supervisors have extensive experience in managing many varied design and construct projects. Our team is well versed in problem solving and embrace what truly separates homes with individual design and character to the majority of the market place.

Why do we need a custom builder?

There are many reasons that lead you to a custom builder, below are some of the more common ones:

  • Shape or slope of block.
  • Subdivision requirements.
  • Family lifestyle requirements.
  • Method of construction. Eg: Split levels, building on stumps etc.
  • The personal experience in building with a qualified trusted custom builder.
  • Added confidence in builders’ capabilities.
  • Personal involvement in design process.
  • Self satisfaction.
  • Greater choice of inclusions and finishes.
  • Or maybe you are a little bit tired and disappointed in the policies and “production line” mentality that is prevalent in the market place.

Where does Aspire build?

Our build zones are personalised with our customers in mind.

Melbourne – South & East Suburbs
Mornington Peninsula
Phillip Island and Bass Coast
South Gippsland
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