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New Heights

Mornington Peninsula

New Heights – Mornington Peninsula

With the perfect site to set the backdrop for incredible bay views, our clients of an existing 1970’s double storey home knew there was so much potential waiting to be revealed.   All they needed was the right design and professional support to inspire them to commit to the  knockdown and rebuild path, to bring out the potential of this Mornington Peninsula property.

With our Special Project Manager working in collaboration with an external architect and understanding town planning overlays to bring our clients vision to reality, a flat roof structure was integral to this  design to be able to lift the  height of the upper floor to the maximum height level.

The outcome was incredible!  What used to be only a glimpse of the water is now open views across the Bay to Geelong.

This is an example of another successful knockdown and rebuild project from our Special Project & Knockdown and Rebuild team working in collaboration with industry partners.

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