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A Practical Guide to Designing Your Custom Home with Aspire Designer Homes

26 March 2024

Discover the perfect balance in custom home design with Aspire Designer Homes. Expert guidance and quality craftsmanship for your dream home in Melbourne.

The Cost of Knocking Down a House in Australia: Insights from Aspire Designer Homes

26 March 2024

Discover the cost of knocking down a house in Australia with Aspire Designer Homes, your experts in building bespoke, custom-designed homes.

How To Build On A Sloping Block

18 March 2024

Building a house on a sloping block is no mean feat, as it requires extra time, effort and money to get the optimal outcome. But with the right design, building a house on a slope can be one of the most rewarding home-building experiences.

How long does a knock-down rebuild take? Understanding the knock-down rebuild process

18 March 2024

A knock-down rebuild is an enticing option for homeowners who love their current location but desire a fresh, modern home. The process involves demolishing your existing house and constructing a new one in its place. While a knock-down rebuild can be a time-consuming endeavour, understanding the var…

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