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Custom Luxury Home Builders

Custom Home Builders Templestowe

You don’t just want to settle for the ordinary when you build your next home. If you’re ready to choose something remarkable, partner with our custom home builders in Templestowe.

Whether you can afford more space, or you can’t afford not to have it, custom home building might be the right step for you. Planning and building a custom home might seem like a daunting endeavour, but help is available, and the end result is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

If you’re looking for custom home builders in Templestowe to bring your dream property to life, talk to Aspire Designer Homes. Our high-end home builders put the keys to success in your hands from day one, offering a home building process that ensures you are in control.

Whether it’s high ceilings, large windows, or impressive views, our team will take your aspirations and integrate them into a contemporary, luxurious, and personalised design.

At Aspire Designer Homes, it all starts with a no-obligation consultation. Our designers and builders are driven by what inspires you, meaning we want to understand what your dream home looks like from day one. We will then combine your big ideas with local and international design trends and more than a century of industry experience. Finally, we will optimise your design based on the position and features of your block.

Specialising in complex and sloping blocks of land, our custom home builders in Templestowe will perfectly realise your personal sense of luxury.

Custom Luxury Home Builders
Custom Luxury Home Builders

Experienced sloping block builders in Templestowe

Surrounded by beautiful parks and sprawling shopping centres, the Templestowe area is the perfect fit for your new home. At Aspire Designer Homes, our high-end home builders will make your home the place you want to be in Templestowe, completing your local lifestyle.

Our luxury home builders in Templestowe take your ideas and make them a reality in the best way possible. Our simple yet effective process adds every little touch to your home, from the internationally inspired to the deeply personal.

Our process includes:

  • A no-obligation consultation and site assessment
  • A custom design that we create and refine alongside you
  • All the inclusions you desire in a fixed-price package
  • A construction team who will deliver on the promise of high-end home design

Your Expert Sloping Block Builders in Templestowe

When you build your high-end home with the experts at Aspire, you never have to compromise on the vision you have in mind. It doesn’t matter of you have a narrow or sloping block of land, or if other builders have told you it can’t be done; we will work closely with you to create the perfect balance between your lifestyle, your practical requirements, and your block of land. 

The construction specialists at Aspire Designer Homes are specialist sloping block builders in Templestowe and the surrounds. This means that we have decades of experience working with blocks that aren’t perfectly square, perfectly flat, or perfectly sized. We believe that our ability to design and build incredible homes on blocks like these is second-to-none, and we will ensure you are always in control when it comes to the design of your home. 

Make your next home a place you’d rather be. Contact our luxury home builders in Templestowe today. 

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What sets Aspire Designer Homes apart from other builders is our years of experience and our ability to provide innovative solutions for a difficult building environment.

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